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Discussing the Past, or Airing the Depots: Refashioning Exhibitions of Socialism in Serbia

Occupation and Communism in Eastern European Museums : Re-Visualizing the Recent Past

Bloomsbury Academic, 2019


...Instead of introduction Shortly after the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia, somewhere in the new Soviet periphery, a group of settlers established a commune that was to become a birthplace of communism and named...

Modern Serbian Historiography between Nation-Building and Critical Scholarship

Historiography: Critical Readings Volume III : Scientific Models: From the West to the World

Bloomsbury Academic, 2021

Critical Readings in Historiography

...In the informative obituary on Ilarion Ruvarac’s death in 1905, Vatroslav Jagić, a professor at the University of Vienna, wrote that Ruvarac, led by his love of scholarly work, had achieved “most magnificent results and had been recognized...