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Boundary Objects of Communism: Assembling the Soviet Past in Museums and Public Spaces

Occupation and Communism in Eastern European Museums : Re-Visualizing the Recent Past

Bloomsbury Academic, 2019


...The last decade has seen a number of studies address the way the communist past is presented in museums and memorial sites in the Baltic States. This body of literature is growing. See, for instance...

The United Nations Secretariat Draft Genocide Convention, 1947 (nos. 13–42)

Documents on the Genocide Convention from the American, British, and Russian Archives : The Politics of International Humanitarian Law, 1933–1948

Bloomsbury Academic, 2018


...The UN Resolution 96(I) of December 11, 1946 exposed fundamental differences between UN member states in general and the former Allies in particular regarding way forward on genocide. The United Kingdom emerged as the starkest critic...