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  • Francesco Guicciardini
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Art and Science in Renaissance and Early Modern Historical Writing

Eileen Ka-May Cheng

Eileen Cheng is Associate Professor in the History Faculty at Sarah Lawrence College. Her research interests include the American Revolution and the early American Republic, American and European intellectual history, and historiography. She has published numerous journal articles and one monograph - The Plain and Noble Garb of Truth: Nationalism and Impartiality in American Historical Writing. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Historiography: An Introductory Guide

Bloomsbury Continuum, 2012


...The period from the Renaissance to the early seventeenth century was a time of great change for Europe, bringing with it not only the cultural changes associated with the Renaissance, but also the Scientific Revolution and the colonization...

Guicciardini and the Humanist Historians

Historiography: Critical Readings Volume II : Transition and Transformation

Bloomsbury Academic, 2021

Critical Readings in Historiography

...Guicciardini’s relation to the tradition of humanist historiography remains problematic despite considerable study over the past thirty years. Early attempts to dissociate Guicciardini were flawed by misunderstanding of the fundamental...