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The Prior Initiative, the Falklands War and Anglo-Irish relations, 1982

Stephen Kelly

Stephen Kelly is Associate Professor in Modern History at Liverpool Hope University, UK. He is the author of ‘A Failed Political Entity’: Charles Haughey and the Northern Ireland Question, 1945-1992 (2016), Frank Aiken: Nationalist and Internationalist (edited collection) (2014), and Fianna Fáil, Partition and Northern Ireland, 1926-1971 (2013). Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Margaret Thatcher, the Conservative Party and the Northern Ireland Conflict, 1975–1990

Bloomsbury Academic, 2021


...‘[T]‌he closest bilateral consultation’: The establishment of AIIC The first official meeting of the newly constituted AIIC convened in Dublin on 20 January 1982. Record of first meeting...