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Yugoslav refugees and British relief workers in Italian and Egyptian refugee camps, 1944–6

Internationalists in European History : Rethinking the Twentieth Century

Bloomsbury Academic, 2021


...The research for this chapter was made possible by the national project Refugees – A Never-Ending Story (J6-8249) and the national programme Slovene History (P6-0325). I am grateful to all my colleagues and the editors of this volume...

Conservatism and Ibn Khaldun

Conservative Moments : Reading Conservative Texts

Bloomsbury Academic, 2018


...Group feeling (‘asabiyya’) produces the ability to defend oneself, to offer opposition, to protect oneself, and to press one’s claims. Whoever loses it is too weak to do any of these things. The subject of imposts and taxes belongs...


Historiography: Critical Readings Volume III : Scientific Models: From the West to the World

Bloomsbury Academic, 2021

Critical Readings in Historiography

...This volume covers the period from the end of the eighteenth century to approximately the 1980s, centering around the increasing appeal of Enlightenment historical thinking, the rise of national history as the mainstay in historiography...