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Ad Hoc Committee on Genocide, January–August 1948 (nos. 43–80)

Documents on the Genocide Convention from the American, British, and Russian Archives : The Politics of International Humanitarian Law, 1933–1948

Bloomsbury Academic, 2018


...The British Government continuously regarded the Genocide Convention a political and provocative document. The Cabinet Steering Committee argued that the Secretariat draft was mixing the issue of minority protection with that of physical...

“Remembering” versus “Condemning” Communism: Politics of History and “Wars on Memory” in East European Museums

Constantin Iordachi

Constantin Iordachi is Professor in the History Department at Central European University, Hungary. He is the author of Liberalism, Constitutional Nationalism and Minorities: The Making of Romanian Citizenship, c. 1750-1918 (2019) and editor of Comparative Fascist Studies (2009). Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Occupation and Communism in Eastern European Museums : Re-Visualizing the Recent Past

Bloomsbury Academic, 2019


...In August 1999, after three unsuccessful attempts, the Bulgarian government led by the Union of Democratic Forces finally managed to blow up the Georgi Dimitrov Mausoleum, a landmark of communism that marked the center of the national...