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Speaking the language of humanitarianism or ‘Speaking Bolshevik’

Internationalists in European History : Rethinking the Twentieth Century

Bloomsbury Academic, 2021


...Over the course of the First World War, the Ottoman/Russian borderlands became the site of a protracted refugee crisis. From 1914, violence on the Caucasus front uprooted populations on both sides of the imperial divide. By December, 20,000...

XVI The “Armenian Question,” 1964–85 (nos. 425–429)

Anton Weiss-Wendt

Anton Weiss-Wendt is Research Professor at the Center for the Study of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities in Oslo, Norway. His recent publications include Racial Science in Hitler's Europe, 1939-1945 (2013) and The Nazi Genocide of the Roma: Reassessment and Commemoration (2013). Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Documents on the Genocide Convention from the American, British, and Russian Archives : The Ideology of a Humanitarian Treaty, 1949–1988

Bloomsbury Academic, 2018


...Like all international treaties, the Genocide Convention does not have a retroactive effect. While the Nazi policy of extermination had played a disproportionate role as both a catalyst for and a point of reference in the debates around...